What’s it worth?

Not that it’s for sale mind you! The above picture was recently posted on the forum at pre67vw.com by Yan, a French guy, who was trying to track down the current owner (me!).

Last September Yan decided to buy a similar stratos silver oval in original paint and sold his 1958 beetle to raise the funds. Unfortunately, the seller sold the oval to someone else!   So Yan’s now beetle-less but, has the cash ready for when an original paint, stratos silver, rag top (ideally) oval window beetle comes along.

BBT in Belgium have a similar stratos silver rag top oval for sale with a price tag of 12,500 Euros but, it requires some welding and Yan is looking for an original car which doesn’t require any restoration as he already as a split bus project.

So, the question is what will it cost to find another completely solid, 100% original Oval like mine? If you know of one for sale please let me know and I’ll pass the details on to Yan.


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