Julian Hunt

Julian is the Shop Manager at Karmann Konnection in Southend and a keen automotive photographer. His work can be seen gracing the pages of Volksworld magazine and on his website –  julianhunt.net

“I have always had a passion for anything on 4 wheels, even roller skates! It all started when I was about 10, loved the Italian exotic ones and my interest just grew from that. As I grew older I went to race meetings, Brands Hatch was the local circuit. Le Mans is a favorite and also any Drag Racing meetings, Top Fuel cars make me go weak at the knees and everyone should experience them just once! I have owned 4 VW’s and a 911, ’62 Camper was first followed by a ’63 Bug and then my ’52 Barndoor Panel, the 911 was my daily which made way for a New Beetle… how delightfully sensible! Gran Turismo is my favorite video game, I love it! I also like gadgets and photography, I have just finished a website for my photographs.”

Visit julianhunt.net…

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