One On One Restorations

Steve Gilbert & One on One Restorations means one thing – VOLKSWAGEN! Steve started VW restoration at home back in the early 80s, working primarily on his own and friends’ Beetles. But it wasn’t long before enthusiasts noticed the quality of his handiwork and requests for professional restoration work soon followed.

Steve was encouraged by many people to work full time on VWs and leave his engineering and fabrication background behind. No-one could have been more persuasive than Ivan McCutcheon of ‘Volksworld’ magazine, in encouraging Steve to set up full time as One on One Restorations.

He set up his business in his home town, Burnley, Lancashire, based in Thorney Bank Mill, a listed building divided into industrial units. His workshop may not be the biggest in the land but as the company name implies, its “one person” working on “one car” at any “one time”. Steve is happy working on any form of VW restoration, from creating wildly modified, award winning Fridolins to 100 point concours cars including Beetles, Karmann Ghias and Buses. Steves cars have been featured in magazines worldwide including Volksworld, Hot VWs, VW Speed and Street VWs of Japan to name but a few. There is no limit to the service One on One can offer, “the only limit is your imagination”.

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