Axel Struwe

Professional photographer Axel Struwe is based in Bielefeld, Germany. He’s a vintage VW fan and together with Christian Grundmann, has produced a book about the restoration and history of the 1938 Vw prototype Number 6 which was recently discovered.

“My enthusiasm for photography was awakened in my big brother’s darkroom when I was 10 years old. Since then, techniques and designs have changed rapidly, but the fascination remains. From my interest, began a career choice. Starting with internships and photo assistance in various photographic studios (from Dusseldorf to Bielefeld). I started building my own studio and ordered my first computer in 2001 and passed the diploma successfully. Three years later, richer by lots of practical experience, I enlarged the studio and finally went from a junior to a full member of the BFF. Today I shoot digital exclusively and am pleased with every new pixel beautiful in this world.”

Visit Axel’s website…

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