Paul Peeters (PPress)

After graduating in Photography (1982-1984, Technicum Antwerp), Paul Peeters worked in the photography industry until 1996. Afterwards, he started a new professional career as technical draftsman and CAD designer. Since 2007 – after making the switch from analog to digital – he started working again as a photographer.

As a part-time freelancer his work domain is mainly limited to classic cars, oldtimers, historic racing and car-events. Furthermore, he writes classic car related articles for magazines and publications. As a long time VW-enthousiast, Paul has a wide knowledge of the history of the brand Volkswagen.

He is mainly active in the VW scene (associated with ClassicVW magazine, as a photographer, writer and editor), but his interest has no longer been restricted to only VW Beetles & Vans. He focuses his camera lens at all sorts of rolling classics, no matter which brand, type or construction year.

Visit Paul Peeters (PPress) website…


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