Photo of the week #3

Michael E. Gordon is an award-winning fine art landscape photographer who devotes his photographic energy to his native state of California and to its unusual and overlooked natural landscapes.

He is best known for his black and white ‘Desert’ series which, says Broughton Quarterly, portrays “stunning ethereal beauty from terrain where others see only a bleak landscape.”  Michael’s photographs have been published in and on the covers of magazines, calendars, textbooks and music CD’s. He is represented by art galleries in the U.S. and Europe, and his fine art prints are held internationally in private collections.

Michael writes: “I can rarely explain in advance what kind of subjects or scenes will impel me to photograph, but when I find something that stirs my photographic soul, I become excited, act impulsively, and take a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach. These moments arise only infrequently, and it is most common for me to spend days looking for photographs without actually photographing.

Drivers Wanted is one of these photographs. In September 2006, I found this scene in Panamint Valley, California (the western boundary of Death Valley National Park), and was completely enthralled by it. The arrangement of the burned out vehicles, the rich copper color, and the grotesque and blackened cottonwood trees drew me in. I didn’t immediately understand why the scene so captivated me, but I didn’t particularly care – I was excited to make a photograph! I used my 4×5″ view camera, a vintage soft focus lens (an early 1900′s Wollensak Verito), and Fuji Pro160S film. A shallow aperture (f8 or f11) and view camera movements helped to bring the VW bus up front and centre.”

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