Happy new year!

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2012. Perhaps it may be a year when the trend is raising VWs back to stock height? Here’s hoping!

I’m looking forward to another year of VW photography. This photo seems to sort-of fit the new year celebrations theme. It was taken on my 4MP Canon Powershot G2 at the Karmann Konnection barbeque back in 2004.




  1. timm

    I think living here in So Cal, stock height is here to stay. I have mine low but have days where I want to take it all back to stock. Maybe the next one! Happy New Year!

  2. Malc

    I’m afraid that stock VWs are in the minority here in the UK Tim! I’ve had lowered bugs and a fastback in the past but prefer stock at the moment (but that may change sometime, you never know…) Happy new year 🙂

    • Malc

      Exactly, those fallen Grannies can cause a lot of damage!
      And why do they call them speed humps when they do the opposite?

      Happy new year 🙂

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