Vintage Stony 2012

As it was a nice day, and the sun was threatening to make an appearance, I decided to pay a visit the the new-years day classic car show ‘Vintage Stony 2012’.

I’d been thinking of dragging my beetle out of hibernation early for this one but as I was a little late getting up, it remained in the garage.

I think this may be the third year that the new years day show in Stony Stratford has been held, and the first time I’ve made it along. I was surprised how busy it was, both car parks were already full and there were lots of people walking around by eleven o’clock when I got there.

Not too may Volkswagens around though. A few nice split screen vans and some Porsches, also a Tatra which was nice to see out and about. I’ve posted some pictures of the VWs and Porsches plus there are more pictures of other marques on Flickr.



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