Restored Samba

Nice bus!

Campervan Crazy

A T1 Samba bus, spotted at a garage in Geelong. Looks like restoration has just been completed. Wonderfully done, including beautiful new upholstery inside. I particularly like the red trim strip. Wonder whether this was an original color coming with this green and crème paint job? I know this model with the eight small skylight windows as the Samba. Just searched on Wikipedia (click here) and found that it is apparently also called the “sunroof deluxe” or, based on the number of windows, the 23-window. Or apparently in Australia the “Alpine” (see link above). The Wiki entry on Sambas states that they were built since 1951 (click here). With this one, the rear door is not yet the same as on the T2s, which makes it a pre-1964 model. The engine lid is smaller than in the early barndoor T1s (1955 or younger) and it has…

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  1. kevster

    Sweet! wonder what happened to my old rat look 21 window samba? the green/white one that I dumped the 1776 into… Kev

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