The Love Bug – Ten ways to get to the church on time

So, when you’re planning your ‘big day’, what do you choose as a memorable mode of transport? Perhaps you would choose a Rolls Royce or a horse drawn carriage but, for many couples their preferred ride comes in the shape of an air-cooled Volkswagen.

Volkswagen wedding hire is now a huge business in the UK with a long list of companies able to supply a VW beetle cabriolet or camper for that special occasion. Here’s a selection of photos by some top wedding photographers featuring the ‘peoples’ choice in transport!

Photograph by John Mold

Photograph by Shannon Phillips

Photograph by Kate Hopewell-Smith

Photograph by Jonny Draper

Photograph by Stephanie Williams

Photograph by Sebastien Dehesdin

Photograph courtesy of vw4weddings

Photograph by Ian Johnson

Photograph by PhotoTOM

Photograph by Bespoke Wedding Photography


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