Christian Garibaldi

Christian Garibaldi is a freelance professional photographer who shoots commercial work.
He is located in Florham Park, NJ about 20 minutes from Manhattan and featured here are his fantastic Vintage Volkswagen photos he’s taken for the Central Jersey VW Society.

Christian writes “It was that time of year again.  I had gotten a call from the Central Jersey VW society asking me if I would be interested in shooting this years featured vehicle for their awards poster since last years bug shot was such a success.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity to pull a rabbit out of a hat again…

I just love challenging shoots.  This years selected VW was a 1967 21 window bus that is owned by a gentleman named Bob Cropsey.  Bob himself had painstakingly restored this bus, along with a fleet of other vintage VW’s in his garage to impeccable standards!  I was assured that this year we would have some more time, and more room and resources to shoot the project, so without hesitation, I packed up my truck with my gear (Which seems to get bigger and heavier by the day) and headed north near Giants stadium.

When I hear VW bus,  I start thinking hippies, bongs, surfboards, Janis Joplin, and weed smoke just pouring out of all 21 windows.  I arrived and this bus was anything but.  Just so tastefully done,  beautiful two tone paint, perfect interior, you could tell a lot of time was spent making this vehicle special.”

You can view more of Christian’s fantastic work on his website at and read more about his work for the Central Jersey VW Society on his Blog.



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