Nice show report Bruce. Love the photos and great writing as usual.

The VolksFool

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines lollapalooza as “one that is extraordinarily impressive” or “an outstanding example.” To most of us younger than, say, forty-five, the word might be more likely to conjure memories of a certain series of outdoor music festivals. I still have an unused ticket for the first Lollapalooza concert, in 1991, which at the last minute I decided not to attend because then — as now — I had an aversion to crowds, events, hooplas, or any sort of organized mayhem.

The same reservations resurfaced when I learned about the 14th iteration of the Bug-a-Palüza Volkswagen show to be held at Camp Jordan in East Ridge, Tennessee, and saw that my calendar was clear on the weekend of April 21st-22nd. Don’t misunderstand me — I love my classic Volkswagens! But still, there were the voices of doubt: That’s a lot of driving. I need to be working on…

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