Volkswagen Bus

From weekly aperture:

What do you like to Photograph?

“For some photographers, there is a specific object that they prefer to shoot.  It’s usually another interest that they have and would like to showcase.  What better way to do so then to take multiple pictures and post them on the internet!

For myself, cars are another passion of mine.  The Volkswagen/Euro car scene is almost a lifestyle and the best way for me to capture that is through my photography and video.  I try and attend as many car shows that i can, keeping my Nikon at my side the whole time.  People in the scene love to have their car photographed so I try and do what I can to capture the essence of the scene…”

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  2. Astrid

    Landscapes & vintage cars – my 1970 Beetle is one of my favourites, and my boyfriend’s Landrover is rather photogenic as well.

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