David Hall

David Hall is a photographer based in Birmingham, England. He loves photography and will shoot everyone and everything, from beautiful summer weddings, thrash metal bands, sportscars, families and a little bit of pretty much everything in-between. He works up and down the country and when he’s lucky, occasionally further afield.

David writes “I’m passionate about old Volkswagens. The love affair started when I was really little, my older cousin passed his test and his first car was a 70’s beetle. Having been taken for a spin in it I was hooked. Lots of drooling and fantasizing over old Volkswagen’s later, I am now the proud owner of the bus you see below. She is a 1961 23 window samba imported from New York approx 9 years ago as a complete wreck. Rust on top of rust, holes everywhere and in need of some serious TLC. Roll on a few years and Matt at Smiths of Cornwall waved his magic restoration wand and Jemima as we affectionately call her was re-born.”

Visit David’s website…


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