1. fertileground

    Cool. My mother in law had a beetle about the same year & model. She’s no longer with us though. My wife said when she was younger, they often drove to Namibia(South West Africa, as it was then known) and back. Apparently they never had a breakdown. Instead they drove continually, with very little difficulty; if any.
    The other day, I saw on your blog, a photo of a carman ghia. Brings back memories. One of my 1st cars, had been a similar model, year 1969, (1600 or 1900, not sure now).
    Boy she had power. Unfortunately, I had written her off. My dad wasn’t too charmed though.
    Later I had driven 2 different Golfs. Both had been stolen. I haven’t been able to replace them, both had been in front of flats, when they were stolen. They were good VW’s.
    Only one or two disapoinments though:
    Why had VW stopped making the air-cooled engine.
    We’re unable to replace our vehicles etc
    But I am grateful to have driven them.
    Facebook:- ian lotter

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