Rust in peace – Part 3

These fantastic photographs are the work of AndreasS, a 31 years old photographer who lives just outside Oslo, Norway, with his wife and two children. He’s worked with 3d computer graphics illustration, visualization and animation for the last 10 years in the oil and gas industry. “I have photographed since as far as I can remember, but it’s just in the last couple of years I have really started to skip the Auto program and to try to learn all the camera settings. I’ve learned a lot these last years from other photographers and other explorers I meet.”

Båstnäs, Sweden

Andreas writes “Deep in the forest of Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, is a place with hundreds of old, derelict, abandoned cars. It is quite an amazing place, frequently visited by photographers and car enthusiasts.

The place is called Båstnäs and/or Vestre Fågelvik Car Cemetery. In the 50s this place was run by two brothers from Töcksfors.

It’s interesting to see trees grow inside, over, under and through cars and tires. And it is interesting to come over a large green rock-like object with moss, leaves, plants and other growing things that really is the body of a VW Beetle for instance. With imagination many of the cars have faces. The contrast between nature and decayed rusty cars are extraordinary here.

It was a little bit to much sun an good weather on my trip to the car cemetery. I would rather prefer clouds and overcast weather – natures own soft box. Hope you like the shots.”

You can view more photos from AndreasS on his blog…

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