Looks like a great show!

The Right Wrong.

Words by : RandyF Photos by : RandyF

During my shop visit to MoonEyes, Moon of Japan (article coming up after this, this event is  way too backlogged) I got news from the staff at the shop that there will be a “gathering” of Volkswagen that will be happening over the weekend at the PA near Tokyo Teleport station.

Gathering to me is probably 30 cars chilling over a couple of drinks under the sun and doing nothing much but admiring each others automobile.

30 cars, small gathering must be held a small PA to me. Coming out of the subway to the PA just in front of the Toyota Museum, only a small line of taxis was to be seen. Did I really just spend like SGD$10 on train and got the dates wrong? Decided to ask the taxi drivers if theres another PA around the area, nope was his answer. Not…

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