A rainy day in Slough

Sunday started very grey and very very wet as I made my way down the M40 motorway in torrential rain at 8am. As my car aquaplaned from lane to lane, I questioned why I had got up so early on a Sunday morning to make this trip in such appalling weather and wondered if I should just turn around and head for home…

I pressed on and got to Slough just after 9am – not bad considering the conditions. No queue at the door this year, I parked up, grabbed my umbrella and headed in for a wonder around the traders stalls in the sports hall. Every year there seems to be less and less stalls and less people making the trip to this one day swap meet. The bad weather obviously played its part this year and I guess another VW show in Stafford on the same day may have had an impact too?

Less stalls meant wider isles between them, which made wondering around much easier and less of a shuffle! There was quite a lot of interesting bits and bobs for sale this year but, I was determined just to look and not buy as there was nothing I really needed for my beetle. A friend of mine managed to pick up a front wing for and early oval-window beetle at a reasonable price which might end up on one of his1953 bugs. Other friends were sat behind their tables offering me discounts to help clear their goods. Many people take the same stuff to sell year after year with little  success but I think there was a lot less rubbish this time as you need to sell some ‘quality’ items to pay for you pitch and make a profit of some kind.

Outside, the heavy rain had reduced to a light sprinkle so I decided to seize the moment to grab my camera for a stroll around the car park. Considering the rain, quite a few air-cooled VWs had turned up. Nothing very shiny and pristine though. Lots of daily-drivers mostly in what appears to be original or old paint and looking a bit ‘weathered’!


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