Twenty twelve, a year in mono

IMG_6902_duoLooking back at 2012, it’s been very memorable from a photographic point of view due mainly to the appalling weather we’ve seen in the UK! If you look through my photos from 2012, you’ll notice that there is one thing (apart from VWs) that most have in common, and that’s a stormy looking sky!

From a VW perspective, I’ve made it along to some new shows that I haven’t attended before – Back to basics and the show at Blenheim Palace were nice and fairly local but, I’ve missed several of the regulars that I’ve been to many time over the years including Bug Jam, VW Action, VanFest and BVF at Malvern.

One show which was missing in 2012 was the Ivan Hirst Memorial Show at the REME Museum near Reading. I went to this show in 2011 and it was probable the the last Vintage VW show which will be held in this location which is a real shame. For me, the highlight of the 2012 VW show calendar had to be The Lavenham Vintage VW Show which only takes place every four years. I guess I may be a bit biased as I’m one of the organisers but, even with a lot of running around sorting things out, It was a great weekend which I hope everyone else enjoyed too.

So what does 2013 hold in store? I expect some visits to more VW shows plus, I’d like to visit more general classic car shows and make more trips to Silverstone Circuit which is just down the road from my home. Rather than just pictures from car shows, I also hope to persuade some Vintage VW owners to spare an hour or two for a location photo-shoot of their VW. I already have a few locations in mind so I just need some cars and some better weather then 2012 – here’s hoping!



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