Rainy day dub

Photo of the week #83 – I spotted this 1970 daily driver in Banbury, while I was visiting an Auction House on Saturday morning so took a quick photo on my iPhone.  I used to drive an aircooled VW all year round in my younger days but, it became quite a challenge driving 40 miles to work in terrible weather. The VWs ended up being tucked away for the winter in favour of a good heating system , decent road holding and bright lights! I wonder how many people brave the winter in a beetle?



      • Bruce the Bewildered

        Beetle’s progressing well, thanks, if a little slower than I would have liked. Aside from a very small list of subtasks (lap belts, clutch cable, etc.) the one remaining major task is the engine rebuild. Hoping to get started on that the next couple of weeks — it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and have been saving it for last!

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