3 years ago today…


I just got a reminder from WordPress that it was exactly 3 years ago today that I made my first post on Bandwagen. And it’s also a double celebration as today the followers counter ticked over the 6,000 mark. So a big thank you to everyone out there who is following my blog. If you look back at my earlier posts, I think that my photography has improved a bit over the 3 years – And the photos have gotten bigger too! Here are some of the photos from that first post, way back in 2011 from the REME show…

UK RHD Barndoor Bus
UK RHD '56 Oval
The devil's in the detail



  1. Bruce the Bewildered

    Hey Malc, I always look forward to your posts. In addition to your being an excellent photographer, I greatly enjoy the subject matter. It seems like most major publications (both here in the US and in the UK as well) are losing sight of the real vintage stuff, and are becoming more and more dedicated to the slammed/narrowed/Fuchs thing. Nothing wrong with that look per se; but I feel that its dominance comes at the expense of those of us who enjoy stock ride height, steelies, and the sound of a healthy, low-rev VW motor doing its thing. Keep up the good work!

    • Malc

      Hi Bruce, nice to hear from you! I enjoy reading your blog too and hearing about your progress with the restoration but, I’ve noticed your blog is now private?
      You must have finished the beetle by now… ;o)

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