Welcome to Bandwagen, where two of my favourite subjects come together…

Vintage Volkswagens and photography!

I caught the photography bug early when, at the age of four, I was given a Kodak 126 camera by my father who was also a keen photographer. I’ve had some sort of camera around ever since, including the Olympus 35mm cameras we borrowed at art collage, my old Zenith 35mm, a Minolta 35mm and a Lomo…

Then, I thought I’d give digital photography a try. I bought a little Canon Powershot and I’ve never looked back! After several years with the Powershot I upgraded to a Canon 350d which Ive also used for ages but, I’ve now decided to upgrade again to a 60d which I think is a great camera (compared to the 350d). It’s so fast and easy to use, I’m having lots of fun with it!

I’ve also had an interest in cars, again, from my schooldays. Hot rods, classic cars, drag racing etc. but, it wasn’t until I finished art collage in ’84 that I bought my first beetle: a customised Texas yellow 1303 with wolfrace wheels! I’ve owned many aircooled VWs over the years, some stock, some customised but it’s the Vintage pre-1967 cars that interest me the most. I now own an unrestored 1955 Swedish Oval window beetle in stratos silver.

I’m keen to develop my photographic skills, always on the lookout for new locations, hints and tips, and cars to shoot. So if you have an interest in vintage Volkswagens, photography or perhaps both then I’d love to hear from you.

If you own a vintage VW and are looking to keep with the VW lifestyle in a newer vehicle Chapman VW has been selling Volkswagens since 1966! Dedicated to the VW lifer and the “Get in Get happy” generation.

You can view more of my photos on MHPIX




  1. Jennifer

    Very interesting. My mom always had a VW beetle since she learned how to drive. Sadly though, she doesn’t have her 1960-1970’s ones anymore. Now it’s a newer one, which (personally) I don’t really love. The old ones are just so cool! I am a fan of any old car. The styles and bright colors, and the interior design! The pictures you have are wonderful! I will be checking into your blog again. Thank you for sharing, and good luck with your photography (I own a Canon Powershot SD 750…I believe that’s what it’s called. I really love it, but it’s very small. My dad has a Canon T2i..wonderful, BIG, camera!). God Bless,


    • Malc

      I hired a new beetle for a weekend back when they first came out and wasn’t impressed at all! The second version VW have just launched looks quite nice though… Thanks for the kind words

  2. Fiona.q

    i was about to say i love the cars in your blog, a bit old style but cute like beatles.. but then i just found the house in this page is bloody fantastic!! reminds me of Gaudi!! is that yours? how’s it made??

    • Malc

      Sadly the house isn’t mine! I used to drive past it every day on my way to work and always admired it. it was for sale a while ago but far too expensive for me!

  3. John Moxon

    I was just reading your photographic history Malcolm and blow me if it doesn’t echo mine to a large extent. I started taking pictures in the early ’60s with a Brownie 127 to record pictures as a twelve year old on train spotting expeditions.

    I didn’t become a serious amateur photographer until the early ’70 when like you I bought a Zenith 35mm. This was quickly replaced by an Olympus OM1 which cost me, just about a month’s wages. Being a member of a very good works photographic club I was very soon exposed to all sorts of exotic equipment and for a time owned an MPP 5×4 plate camera, a Minolta twin reflex Autochord, OM2, Mamiya 645 and others too numerous to list.

    I used to lug a bagful of gear for a few years but when you realise the worlds greatest photographer carried just one Leica 35mm with a standard lens I thought he obviously knew better.

    Now I just carry my entry level Sony A200 with the stock 18-70 zoom lens.

  4. 1cruzdelsur

    Your blog is very interesting, extraordinary. I had VW 1956 and other models today. Currently I have a VW Golf and I traveled with my many South American routes. Good luck and good shooting.

  5. Beth

    Thanks for the like and follow on my blog: http://fishkind.wordpress.com/ Like you and many here, I grew up with the photography “bug” as well as Volkswagen Bugs and other VWs. The sweetest one was a 1974 Sun Bug, which was a Super Beetle with gold paint and a sunroof. The seats had a corduroy stripe down the middle.

  6. H.O

    Hi Malc,

    Thanks so much dropping by my blog.
    What a nice your blog I really love old VW and I had ’66 type1 about 26years ago in Japan. I met looks exactly same as my memorial VW (original color too) When I live in Victoria (B.C Canada). I was really happy and I took few pictures. http://ho.aminus3.com/portfolio/165.html

    Please take a look when you have a moment I have few old vw pictures in my photoblog.
    Thanks a again.

  7. kartwheels

    Your site just jumped out at me and I love the photos and concept! My sister had a ’67 convertible bug (yellow) that we 3 sisters, and all of big sisses friends bopped around in in the 80’s. She worked so hard for that car! Well, I must follow now. If you have the time and interest, I would love if you checked out my blog. It revolves around homeschooling and straight-up kids projects 🙂
    Have a great week!

  8. larsdithmarschen


    I just found your blog – and I must say, i really like it :-). I grew up in a Volkswagen-driving family. Also they weren’t aircooled, I really like Volkswagens. I once nearly bought a 1972 Beetle. But sadly, it was too rotten, I thought. When I look at my current project, it was nearly in showroom-condition ;-). My mother still likes to have an old car. She really likes the Type 3 Variant.
    Kind regards from Northern Germany,

    • Malc

      Hi Lars, Yep, I agree – many cars which were once scrapped would now be excellent candidates for restoration. Air cooled VWs are fast becoming a very expensive hobby particularly ’50s and older, not the cheap peoples car it once was!


      • larsdithmarschen

        Hey Malcolm,
        I’m sort of rescuing a car, which other people would throw away. It is a 1957 Volvo PV 444. My mother said, that I rescue my “Elsa” so well, that she wants to have a car that was rescued by me. I think it is going to be an air cooled VW.
        And, you’re right. Old cars can be an expensive hobby. I’m trying to go the cheap way. It is not easy ;-). Oh, I would like to have a beetle. Sadly, my banking account says “no”:


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