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Ross McGinnes

I’m a relative newcomer to photography, discovering my passion in 2006 when I moved to a beautiful part of the world called Pecket Well, near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. The village is high on a hillside overlooking the National Trust area of Hardcastle Crags, so it seemed rude not to invest in a decent camera.

During a steep learning curve I’ve strived to capture the beauty in everyday urban and rural decay such as rusty skips, abandoned furniture and inclement weather. My eclectic portfolio contrasts these studies with bright, bold prints ranging from iconic VWs to macro photography. Kit-wise I’m currently falling in love with a Canon 5D MkII, and while you won’t find me pasting a dramatic new sky onto my prints, I do use Photoshop CS5 to clean up images if necessary.

My work has appeared in editorial and commercial guises for the likes of The GuardianOrange and Fuse8 Design Agency.

I’m lucky to have a very understanding wife who puts up with me spending large chunks of our evenings “piddling with that website”, and friends who’ve been supportive with exhibition space and equipment advice.

Visit rossmcginnes.com…