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BBT Limited, managed by Arlette van Dijck and Bob van Heyst, has a team of more than 20 enthusiasts – each with their own speciality. With a range of products dedicated to rear wheel drive air cooled Volkswagens and Transporters, BBT is one of the biggest companies in the world in the Vintage VW parts business.

With more than 300 suppliers and many more customers from Tokyo to Los Angeles, BBT delivers with their expanded network throughout the world. By visiting customers and suppliers and by attending meetings around the world, the company’s philosophy and passion stays true: to help the Volkswagen fans and/or users to find the desired parts in the quickest way and at the best price.

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What’s it worth?

Not that it’s for sale mind you! The above picture was recently posted on the forum at pre67vw.com by Yan, a French guy, who was trying to track down the current owner (me!).

Last September Yan decided to buy a similar stratos silver oval in original paint and sold his 1958 beetle to raise the funds. Unfortunately, the seller sold the oval to someone else!   So Yan’s now beetle-less but, has the cash ready for when an original paint, stratos silver, rag top (ideally) oval window beetle comes along.

BBT in Belgium have a similar stratos silver rag top oval for sale with a price tag of 12,500 Euros but, it requires some welding and Yan is looking for an original car which doesn’t require any restoration as he already as a split bus project.

So, the question is what will it cost to find another completely solid, 100% original Oval like mine? If you know of one for sale please let me know and I’ll pass the details on to Yan.