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The waiting game…

Recently acquired by Richard Oakley, this very original UK supplied ’57 Oval Karmann Cabriolet is one of the few which have survived and is in remarkable condition.

Richard writes “I’ve always fancied a British-supplied RHD Oval Cabrio. Trouble is, there are only 7 or 8 survivors on their original floorpans. I nearly bought one of them back in 2002 (a ’55 Iris Blue model), but it needed heaps of work. I also contemplated buying the car Martin Fenner owns now, but that needed even more work.

Anyhow, my dream came true when I became the forth owner of this Sepia Silver ’57 model. This car has been off the road since 1977 and only has 55,000 miles on the clock. It was originally supplied by VFM Motors in Crowborough, Sussex (it’s a local car, and I love that!). The first owner kept the car for four years and part-exchanged it at a garage in Hove, Sussex. The new lady owner gave up driving in 1977 and the car was laid up until it sold to it’s third owner in 1985. I’m the next owner.

The outer hood was replaced in 1986 as the original was shot. The car also received a respray at this time. There’s no way the original metallic paint would have lasted all these years in good shape. The engine (original) was fully rebuilt in 1985 and never installed!! It’s very nice. Unfortunately, the front two door cards are missing- they went up in flames in 1986 when removed from the car. The rears are there. I need to try and match the cabrio-material and get some made. All the accessories on it are original to the car (it was ordered with US-spec bumpers). It apparently didn’t have gravel guards. The firewall card should be the smooth one, not ribbed thankfully!”

Photos by Richard Oakley

Trailer Queen Restorations

Award winning paint and restoration services based in Bude, Cornwall.

Multi Award winning ride pimpers, specialising in VW Paint and Modification and restoration. Too many awards to mention, including Volksworld Best of show, Best paint and numerous top 20 cars!!!!! Its all in the detail and detail is what we do. 😉

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Evil Ben’s

With over 20 years experience, Ben Lewis offers a show-winning air-cooled service without compromise.

Based in Truro, Cornwall, he caters for anything from a simple service to a full restoration of Bugs, Buses, Porsche and even coachbuilts in his fully equipped workshop. Need an oil change or a full rebuild for your air-cooled VW? No problem!

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PanelKraft, based in Arlesey near Letchworth, were established in 1998 and have vast experience in the restoration of Volkswagen Beetles along with Type 3s, Type 25s, VW Split Screen Vans, Bay Window Campers and Karmann Ghias. They also service Watercooled VW’s, Hotrods and Porsches. Ask for Hayden!

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Kaefer Nostalgie

Kaefer Nostalgie specialise in new and original parts for early Beetles with special focus on pre-1955 models.

Their goal is to be able to offer their customers the widest range of parts for vintage VWs, a goal they have been following since they opened their doors in 2002. Since then, they have been adding several parts to their catalogue every month to become today the number one reference company when it comes to high quality parts for Split and Oval Window Beetles.

Their inventory consists not only of carefully selected original parts but also of high quality reproductions which are only offered and manufactured by Kaefer Nostalgie.

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Slough Swap Meet 2011

An early start for the hour-ish drive down the M40 got me to the Montem Sports Centre in Slough just after the 9am opening time.

There was still a huge queue winding it’s way around the building so I parked up, met up with Jay from Wales, emptied my boot of wing and wheel which he’d bought from me and took a wander around the car park, camera at at the ready.

It was a bright, sunny day which must have tempted many to bring out their VWs for the swap meet. Plenty of lowered vehicles as usual and the normal hand full of stock VWs. I think I found them all but sorry if I missed anyone! I was fortunate to be able to talk to Avtar, the owner of a loverly unrestored ’56 Horizon Blue Swedish Oval, more to follow on that one…

I then ventured inside for a couple of laps of the stalls. It never seems to be a busy as it used to be. Perhaps it’s the recession or, maybe it’s due to everyone trading parts on the internet? Still, I always look forward to heading to Slough to catch up with everyone and search out any bargains, few and far between this year. I guess I should have joined the queue instead of taking photos in the car park!


Welcome to Klassicfab.com, the world’s premiere manufacturer of vintage VW replacement panels.

We are a company with a strong belief in putting out the best quality products that we can, we are sure you will find the replacement panels that you need for your restoration/project.We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied with our products, 100% satisfied, or you will get your money back.

We offer the fullest range of vintage VW replacement panels, panels for type 1, type 2, type 3 and soon, early Porsche 356s. We are housed in a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility and employ a lot of new and old technologies in order to achieve or objective – from laser scanners used to measure complex surfaces in our die shop, to good old fashioned hammer and dollies used to hand finish parts.

Give us a chance, I am sure we will become your go to company for vintage VW replacement panels.

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Wolf Parts

Wolf Parts and Metal Restoration was founded in 2003. We are a company that have specialized in old Volkswagens and high quality panels/parts that are so important for accomplishing a serious restoration.

Our main task is to reproduce hard to find panels/parts and to improve the quality of already available panels/parts. Most of our repair panels/parts are handmade, but we also have developed a few press-tools for quantity reproduction as well. Of course to the same high quality standard!

We do all our measurements on NOS VW parts. New parts will continuously be introduced at our website and you are most welcome to contact us. We also do full metal restorations as well as trading restored and unrestored VW cars.

Our location is in beautiful Northern Sweden and we ship parts worldwide!

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One On One Restorations

Steve Gilbert & One on One Restorations means one thing – VOLKSWAGEN! Steve started VW restoration at home back in the early 80s, working primarily on his own and friends’ Beetles. But it wasn’t long before enthusiasts noticed the quality of his handiwork and requests for professional restoration work soon followed.

Steve was encouraged by many people to work full time on VWs and leave his engineering and fabrication background behind. No-one could have been more persuasive than Ivan McCutcheon of ‘Volksworld’ magazine, in encouraging Steve to set up full time as One on One Restorations.

He set up his business in his home town, Burnley, Lancashire, based in Thorney Bank Mill, a listed building divided into industrial units. His workshop may not be the biggest in the land but as the company name implies, its “one person” working on “one car” at any “one time”. Steve is happy working on any form of VW restoration, from creating wildly modified, award winning Fridolins to 100 point concours cars including Beetles, Karmann Ghias and Buses. Steves cars have been featured in magazines worldwide including Volksworld, Hot VWs, VW Speed and Street VWs of Japan to name but a few. There is no limit to the service One on One can offer, “the only limit is your imagination”.

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Julian Hunt

Julian is the Shop Manager at Karmann Konnection in Southend and a keen automotive photographer. His work can be seen gracing the pages of Volksworld magazine and on his website –  julianhunt.net

“I have always had a passion for anything on 4 wheels, even roller skates! It all started when I was about 10, loved the Italian exotic ones and my interest just grew from that. As I grew older I went to race meetings, Brands Hatch was the local circuit. Le Mans is a favorite and also any Drag Racing meetings, Top Fuel cars make me go weak at the knees and everyone should experience them just once! I have owned 4 VW’s and a 911, ’62 Camper was first followed by a ’63 Bug and then my ’52 Barndoor Panel, the 911 was my daily which made way for a New Beetle… how delightfully sensible! Gran Turismo is my favorite video game, I love it! I also like gadgets and photography, I have just finished a website for my photographs.”

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