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Wolf Parts

Wolf Parts and Metal Restoration was founded in 2003. We are a company that have specialized in old Volkswagens and high quality panels/parts that are so important for accomplishing a serious restoration.

Our main task is to reproduce hard to find panels/parts and to improve the quality of already available panels/parts. Most of our repair panels/parts are handmade, but we also have developed a few press-tools for quantity reproduction as well. Of course to the same high quality standard!

We do all our measurements on NOS VW parts. New parts will continuously be introduced at our website and you are most welcome to contact us. We also do full metal restorations as well as trading restored and unrestored VW cars.

Our location is in beautiful Northern Sweden and we ship parts worldwide!

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1952 Barn Door Panel Van restoration

Barclay Stainton of Status VW Parts owns this ’52 Panel Van which is currently undergoing a full restoration.

“Follow the on-going step by step restoration of our 1952 Panel Van as we re-build it from the ground up. We will be using all original parts, that you can buy from our shop. Follow the photographic re-build started in March 2011. We will be giving you an in-depth and step by step account of how to do the same…”

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Auto Craft Engineering UK

Auto Craft Engineering UK Ltd specialise in manufacturing classic Volkswagen panels and accessories in their fully equipped workshop.

With years of engineering experience behind them they formed their own company and began producing high quality hand made and pressed repair panels.

Their product range is forever growing and as they expand they hope to add many new parts to their range in the future.

“We work to the highest standard to ensure that our panels are 100% correct, and we are always happy to receive feedback from our customers and give advice when needed.”

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One On One Restorations

Steve Gilbert & One on One Restorations means one thing – VOLKSWAGEN! Steve started VW restoration at home back in the early 80s, working primarily on his own and friends’ Beetles. But it wasn’t long before enthusiasts noticed the quality of his handiwork and requests for professional restoration work soon followed.

Steve was encouraged by many people to work full time on VWs and leave his engineering and fabrication background behind. No-one could have been more persuasive than Ivan McCutcheon of ‘Volksworld’ magazine, in encouraging Steve to set up full time as One on One Restorations.

He set up his business in his home town, Burnley, Lancashire, based in Thorney Bank Mill, a listed building divided into industrial units. His workshop may not be the biggest in the land but as the company name implies, its “one person” working on “one car” at any “one time”. Steve is happy working on any form of VW restoration, from creating wildly modified, award winning Fridolins to 100 point concours cars including Beetles, Karmann Ghias and Buses. Steves cars have been featured in magazines worldwide including Volksworld, Hot VWs, VW Speed and Street VWs of Japan to name but a few. There is no limit to the service One on One can offer, “the only limit is your imagination”.

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Julian Hunt

Julian is the Shop Manager at Karmann Konnection in Southend and a keen automotive photographer. His work can be seen gracing the pages of Volksworld magazine and on his website –  julianhunt.net

“I have always had a passion for anything on 4 wheels, even roller skates! It all started when I was about 10, loved the Italian exotic ones and my interest just grew from that. As I grew older I went to race meetings, Brands Hatch was the local circuit. Le Mans is a favorite and also any Drag Racing meetings, Top Fuel cars make me go weak at the knees and everyone should experience them just once! I have owned 4 VW’s and a 911, ’62 Camper was first followed by a ’63 Bug and then my ’52 Barndoor Panel, the 911 was my daily which made way for a New Beetle… how delightfully sensible! Gran Turismo is my favorite video game, I love it! I also like gadgets and photography, I have just finished a website for my photographs.”

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Master Models: Type 2 delivery van

The winners of first AK Interactive model contest on Facebook have been announced.
The winner was Apoloniusz Muslalek with his amazing 1:24 scale Hasegawa Splitscreen panal van model. The competition was tough, with many top modellers taking part, and some outstanding models being presented. You can check out more great photographs of this fantastic model at the Master Models blog…

Hooky’s Panel Shop

Hooky's Panel Shop

Steve Hook began welding bugs back in the early 80’s and has been through more Mig wire & gas bottles than he cares to remember.

Over this period of time he has built up a good knowledge of the in’s & out’s of Beetle construction. Anyone whose been involved in the repair or restoration of a Beetle will tell you that the aftermarket panels that are available can leave quite a lot to the imagination (and the angle grinder!!).

It’s to this end that he began producing his own panels to overcome this lack of quality/unavailability. Hooky’s Panel Shop was formed in 2000 as a part time business, with two main priorities- ‘Quality’ and ‘Fit’, saving the restorer time in fitting the panel and producing a better end result.

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