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Jacks Hill Cafe

IMG_0822_1500x1000It’s always nice to take my beetle somewhere new and last Friday I went along the the first Volkswagen gathering at Jacks Hill Cafe in Towcester. They already hold regular Bike, Hot-Rod and Classic Car meetings at the Cafe so I guess a regular VW meeting, on the 4th Friday of each month will fit right in. It’s only up the road from me too, very handy!

As it was Silverstone Grand Prix weekend I took the back roads to avoid the heavy traffic and as you can see from the pictures the weather was pretty bad, so not too promising for the first meeting. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got used to taking pictures with grey skies but I managed to get a few pictures even with the light failing fast. Hopefully with better weather and no Grand Prix traffic there may be a few more VWs next month.



In disguise

Photo of the week #50 – This Split screen VW Autobot pick-up looks like it’s been through a battle or two in its life time! Not much of a disguise for a robot though if you’re going to stick the Transformers logo on the front!

Singled out

Photo of the week #46 – I’m a bit of a sucker for original patina on a VW and, as I’ve said before, my favourite type two has to be a nice single-cab pick up. So, apart from the lowering, this one in original paint ticks all the boxes for me!

Strawberries and cream

Photo of the week #29 – I think that out of all the type 2 splitscreen models, the single-cab pickup has to be one of my favourites. Usually commercial VWs feature more subtle, solid-colour schemes such as dove blue, or velvet green but this red and cream one, pictured at the REME show last year, really stands out from the crowd!

More of my pictures from this show…

The Bandwagen!

I’ve had the idea for this photograph for a while now so I decided to purchase a Bandai tin-plate VW pick up and a model drum kit and give it a try. I’d love to have a go at doing this for real one day, perhaps with some members of a brass band in the back instead of a drum kit!

Gone cherry pickin’

Photo of the week #16 – A rare Volkswagen Type 2 split screen cherry picker. These were a special option available for order directly from Volkswagen. Based on the Single-cab pick up M118 (no drop gates), the SO8 features a  Ruthmann-Steiger Hydraulic lifting arm and bucket model V90 and cost about double the price of the basic single- cab pick up.