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Red Hot

Photo of the week #80 – Saturday was a very hot day in the UK and we decided to venture into Brackley – where I couldn’t help but notice this red and white, ’66 Split-screen camper parked outside two estate agents in the town centre.

We parked near by so I was forced to take a few photos on my iPhone. You don’t usually see many air-cooled VWs around but the sun seems to bring them out of hiding, which makes a nice change!

Jacks Hill Cafe

IMG_0822_1500x1000It’s always nice to take my beetle somewhere new and last Friday I went along the the first Volkswagen gathering at Jacks Hill Cafe in Towcester. They already hold regular Bike, Hot-Rod and Classic Car meetings at the Cafe so I guess a regular VW meeting, on the 4th Friday of each month will fit right in. It’s only up the road from me too, very handy!

As it was Silverstone Grand Prix weekend I took the back roads to avoid the heavy traffic and as you can see from the pictures the weather was pretty bad, so not too promising for the first meeting. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got used to taking pictures with grey skies but I managed to get a few pictures even with the light failing fast. Hopefully with better weather and no Grand Prix traffic there may be a few more VWs next month.


VW Samba

Photo of the week #75 – This immaculate 1963 twenty-one-window VW Samba was photographed in the concours at this years VW show at Stanford Hall. It’s right hand drive too which makes it a very rare VW bus!

Correction – Someone has just pointed out that this bus only has 19 windows so, I’m not sure it’s a real Samba! I thought that a Samba had either 21 or 23 windows, anyone know the story behind this VW Bus?

Historic VWs

Photo of the week #49 – The Historic VW display at the Stanford Hall VW show is always popular and attracts many of the countries best examples of split window and oval window beetles, along with a few military VWs from the early 40s. Organised by the UK Historic Volkswagen club, the display is free to join if you pre-register, you also get free admission to the show and a great parking spot in front of the hall too! The fourth one in the line is my 1955 Oval window beetle.

Singled out

Photo of the week #46 – I’m a bit of a sucker for original patina on a VW and, as I’ve said before, my favourite type two has to be a nice single-cab pick up. So, apart from the lowering, this one in original paint ticks all the boxes for me!

Dream Swimmer

Photo of the week #45 – Dream Swimmer is a restored 1967 VW Split Screen Camper which is owned by James Walker. Photographed here at Stanford Hall, it’s available for hire with driver for weddings, school proms, parties, and most
events (in the UK!).

Stanford Hall 2012

Stanford Hall is a stately home built in the time of William & Mary, it’s located near Lutterworth in the UK and is the location for the Leicestershire and Warwickshire VW owners club’s annual Volkswagen show. This year’s show took place on Sunday 1st July having been postponed from May due to bad weather and was blessed by some sunshine during a day of dark clouds.

I arrived early as my oval window beetle was to form part of the Historic VW display in front of the main house which is organised by the Historic VW Club each year. You get in for free if you take part in the display so it’s a good incentive to register and bring your VW along! There was a good turn out for the display this year including several military VWs, Split window and oval bugs and quite a few in the recently added pre 1960 line up.

I parked up and took a wonder around the show armed with my camera. After a walk through some of the vast array of trade stands, I headed for the VWs for sale area. I real mix of Volkswagens were on offer from a very nice 1955 Devon Camper right up to T4 campers and new beetles, with just about everything in between. Other VWs that caught my eye were a red 1965 beetle called Ruby which was an ex-concourse winner which was now for sale and a very low blue single-cab splitscreen pickup.

Past a few more trade stands was the concourse area where everyone was busy cleaning and polishing before judging started later in the morning. The ’67 beige Beetle of Rob Evens was looking perfect to me and a strong contender for an award this year. Matt Lancaster, Known as ‘Baron Von Kronken’ had bought along both of his busses, a sign-written panel van and his very original 1956 Krankenwagen VW ambulance. One thing I did notice was the number of razor-edge Karmann Ghias which are surfacing at the moment. Another VW worth a mention was the 1950 Karmann Cabriolet owned by Russell Ritchie from Scotland. Russell had only decided at the last minute to bring his cabrio along to the show and I’m glad he did! It’s always nice to see the rarer VWs being brought out for people to admire. It seems that all of the restoration projects are finishing at the same time! The Split Screen were there in force as usual with long lines of  vans, every colour, model and height you could care to imagine.

All in all another great show, and a Sunday well spent. I’m sure I’ll be back in 2013 again for what many regard as one of the best VW shows on the UK calendar. Well done to all involved.