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In disguise

Photo of the week #50 – This Split screen VW Autobot pick-up looks like it’s been through a battle or two in its life time! Not much of a disguise for a robot though if you’re going to stick the Transformers logo on the front!


Götz Göppert

Götz Göppert was born in Munich in 1969. Based in Paris, he travels around the world in search of ‘unprecedented and unusual’ subjects. He loves his camera, doing lifestyle images or his beauty shots and his documentary series. He feels home whenever he can take pictures, in his hometown or on his trips all all over the world. Developing his very own and very personal style he loves to do his portraits and his reportages on location as much as his beauty shots in a studio.

After a long time working only for beauty clients he started to do reportages when he shot for his book “une annee autour de Sancerre”. This one year project about a wine region introduced him into reportage photography and he really enjoyed working under these very new and different conditions. From there on he started to work more and more in this very different direction not forgetting is natural and fresh beauty work. Mixing these different styles of photography makes his work so interesting and gives Götz always new opportunities to treat and handle his images, and he is never short of new ideas.

His website features four galleries of automotive photography – Track, Parked, Panoramic and Bikes. Visit his website…

Singled out

Photo of the week #46 – I’m a bit of a sucker for original patina on a VW and, as I’ve said before, my favourite type two has to be a nice single-cab pick up. So, apart from the lowering, this one in original paint ticks all the boxes for me!

Peter Keetman – Volkswagen: a week at the factory

No blog about Volkswagens and photography would be complete without a look at the work of Peter Keetman who spent a week in 1953 documenting the Volkswagenwerk in Wolfsburg, Germany. Keetman was born in Germany in 1916 and was a founder of the photographers’ collective ‘fotoform’. He was keen to promote industrial photography and in April ’53 was given the opportunity to spend a week photographing at the VW factory. He failed to promote industrial photography but succeeded in producing a series of 71 iconic images, not only capturing the manufacturing process but showing the beauty of the component pieces with a disciplined eye for shape and texture.

Volkswagen: A Week at the Factory – photographs by Peter Keetman
If you have any interest in photograph, Volkswagens or perhaps both, this wonderful book is an absolute must. Keetman’s iconic photographs are beautifully reproduced and capture the car industry giant’s early days in fascinating detail and with great imagination. Available in several editions from paperback to hardback – search for Peter Keetman at Amazon and be prepared to be inspired by Peter’s amazing photographs!

VW Sunset

“I took this photo way back in January 2007, yet it is still a favorite of mine. I was camping with my fellow VW Bus owners, and happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch the sun going down over Lake Havasu, Arizona. The sun is beautifully silhouetted by an early split window bus.

Hope you like it too!”

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High top

Photo of the week #37 – A 1967 high top panel van in Dove Blue pictured at Stanford Hall earlier this year. This very rare VW-built Panelvan with a high roof was designed to allow for taller loads, often used in the garment industry or as ambulances.  The maximum load varied according to body type from 580 for an ambulance to 830 kg for the panelvan. I have read elsewhere that there are only around 50 of these VW hi-top models left so, extremely rare!