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Rust in peace – Part 3

These fantastic photographs are the work of AndreasS, a 31 years old photographer who lives just outside Oslo, Norway, with his wife and two children. He’s worked with 3d computer graphics illustration, visualization and animation for the last 10 years in the oil and gas industry. “I have photographed since as far as I can remember, but it’s just in the last couple of years I have really started to skip the Auto program and to try to learn all the camera settings. I’ve learned a lot these last years from other photographers and other explorers I meet.”

Båstnäs, Sweden

Andreas writes “Deep in the forest of Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, is a place with hundreds of old, derelict, abandoned cars. It is quite an amazing place, frequently visited by photographers and car enthusiasts.

The place is called Båstnäs and/or Vestre Fågelvik Car Cemetery. In the 50s this place was run by two brothers from Töcksfors.

It’s interesting to see trees grow inside, over, under and through cars and tires. And it is interesting to come over a large green rock-like object with moss, leaves, plants and other growing things that really is the body of a VW Beetle for instance. With imagination many of the cars have faces. The contrast between nature and decayed rusty cars are extraordinary here.

It was a little bit to much sun an good weather on my trip to the car cemetery. I would rather prefer clouds and overcast weather – natures own soft box. Hope you like the shots.”

You can view more photos from AndreasS on his blog…

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Horizon Blue ’56 Oval

Back in the late 1990s a gentleman by the name of Avtar decided that he would like to acquire a nice, original oval window beetle and, after scouring the UK unsuccessfully for a nice one, got in touch with Owen Warlow who worked his usual magic and came up with this low-mileage example which was imported to the UK from Sweden.

Having bought the beetle in 1999, it remained untouched in Avtar’s garage in Greenford until this year. With his children now grown up, It was time to get the beetle on the road. It’s been treated to a set of new shocks, steering coupling and a complete mechanical overhaul along with a small amount of welding around the wing mounting nuts and a few other places. Avtar has the original carpets and rubber mats which will be refitted and will be keeping the beetle as original as possible with perhaps just a respray of the wings as they are starting to show their age.

Now that the bugs back on the road, Avtar and his son (now 21) hope to make it along to a few shows next year so hopefully you’ll be able to check out this ’56 survivor for yourselves.

Slough Swap Meet 2011

An early start for the hour-ish drive down the M40 got me to the Montem Sports Centre in Slough just after the 9am opening time.

There was still a huge queue winding it’s way around the building so I parked up, met up with Jay from Wales, emptied my boot of wing and wheel which he’d bought from me and took a wander around the car park, camera at at the ready.

It was a bright, sunny day which must have tempted many to bring out their VWs for the swap meet. Plenty of lowered vehicles as usual and the normal hand full of stock VWs. I think I found them all but sorry if I missed anyone! I was fortunate to be able to talk to Avtar, the owner of a loverly unrestored ’56 Horizon Blue Swedish Oval, more to follow on that one…

I then ventured inside for a couple of laps of the stalls. It never seems to be a busy as it used to be. Perhaps it’s the recession or, maybe it’s due to everyone trading parts on the internet? Still, I always look forward to heading to Slough to catch up with everyone and search out any bargains, few and far between this year. I guess I should have joined the queue instead of taking photos in the car park!

Wolf Parts

Wolf Parts and Metal Restoration was founded in 2003. We are a company that have specialized in old Volkswagens and high quality panels/parts that are so important for accomplishing a serious restoration.

Our main task is to reproduce hard to find panels/parts and to improve the quality of already available panels/parts. Most of our repair panels/parts are handmade, but we also have developed a few press-tools for quantity reproduction as well. Of course to the same high quality standard!

We do all our measurements on NOS VW parts. New parts will continuously be introduced at our website and you are most welcome to contact us. We also do full metal restorations as well as trading restored and unrestored VW cars.

Our location is in beautiful Northern Sweden and we ship parts worldwide!

Visit Wolf Parts…

1954 Help for heroes oval beetle

HELP FOR HEROES EUROPEAN & UK 2011/12 TOUR – “PLEASE HELP” Donate on line at: http://www.bmycharity.com/johnsone

This barn find has been completely restored by The Vestige Ways Bus Company and various company’s throughout the VW scene to take on some of the most challenging mountain ranges throughout Europe, fund-raising for Help For Heroes. During its 2011/2012 European & UK Tour, the vehicle will be raffled together with its partner in crime a 1952 Barcklay Teardrop Trailer believed to be the only one of 92 existing. The raffle for the car will be announced shortly, as soon as all necessary legal requirements are in place.

Visit bmycharity.com/johnsone for more info…

Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable

There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than a nice, unrestored, original vintage Volkswagen and they don’t come much nicer, or original than Gareth Roberts’ black ’56 Beetle.

This is an exceptional car, full stop. Most of the hand full of unrestored ‘survivors’ have led tough lives and have the battle scars to prove it. Faded paint, worn interiors, rusty bumpers and the odd dent or scrape here and there after fifty-plus years of use. Others spend decades decaying in damp, dusty lock-ups, waiting to be rediscovered and recommissioned by eager enthusiasts the world over.

This oval window Beetle however has led a some what pampered life, having been retired from everyday use after 20 years.  In 1976 it was placed in a Swedish museum where it sat, on display, until 1999 when it was sold on to a private collector who continued to give it the lifestyle it was now accustomed to.

In 2006 the collector decided to focus on ‘older’ vehicles and the young VW, with just 78,000km (48,500 miles) on its clock, headed over to Essex in the UK where it’s new owner treated it to a little TLC using New Old Stock parts to refresh the brakes and engine.

Gareth has owned the ’56 since 2010 and has again kept the car hidden away to preserve its low milage and immaculate condition. The original black paint still looks like new, as does the interior including the headlining and rubber floor mats. Gareth has recently removed the under-seal from under the wheel arches to discover the original, shiny black factory paint there too, what a bonus!

Pictures: Gareth Roberts