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Red Hot

Photo of the week #80 – Saturday was a very hot day in the UK and we decided to venture into Brackley – where I couldn’t help but notice this red and white, ’66 Split-screen camper parked outside two estate agents in the town centre.

We parked near by so I was forced to take a few photos on my iPhone. You don’t usually see many air-cooled VWs around but the sun seems to bring them out of hiding, which makes a nice change!

High top

Photo of the week #37 – A 1967 high top panel van in Dove Blue pictured at Stanford Hall earlier this year. This very rare VW-built Panelvan with a high roof was designed to allow for taller loads, often used in the garment industry or as ambulances.  The maximum load varied according to body type from 580 for an ambulance to 830 kg for the panelvan. I have read elsewhere that there are only around 50 of these VW hi-top models left so, extremely rare!

Strawberries and cream

Photo of the week #29 – I think that out of all the type 2 splitscreen models, the single-cab pickup has to be one of my favourites. Usually commercial VWs feature more subtle, solid-colour schemes such as dove blue, or velvet green but this red and cream one, pictured at the REME show last year, really stands out from the crowd!

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