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Lost in the fields

Arron Joslin took a weekend trip to check out some buses and came back with these photographs of Volkswagens that have been sitting for many many years. Here are just a few of my favourite photographs from Arron’s trip. You can view the rest on his website.

Rust in peace – Part 2

New South Wales, Australia

Peter Gibney is a photographer based in New South Wales, Australia. His website surfingart.com.au features a large collection of surf-lifestyle, coastal & VW images which are available as prints and digital stock images for commercial, advertising, editorial, corporate and design professionals. Peter has been lucky enough to visit a Volkswagen graveyard that very few people have explored. Hidden way off the beaten track, the location of this wonderful place will remain a mystery!

Peter writes “I located this lost VW grave after a conversation with an Irish backpacker at the Byron Bay markets. It took months to locate and many phone calls to get permission to visit and photograph the site.

When I finally arrived I was miles from the nearest town and there was absolutely no sign of  human habitation except for the sheds and the VW’s The only sound was the wind roaring across the tree tops and the wild life.  It felt as though I was in a scene from Mad Max.

I spent 3 hours exploring and took 100′s of photos. The photos below are only a sample of what was on offer. What an adventure, I hope the images give a sense of the VW’s final resting place.

I’ll be respecting the owners request for privacy and will not give out the location.”

Rust in peace – Part 1


BBT Limited, managed by Arlette van Dijck and Bob van Heyst, has a team of more than 20 enthusiasts – each with their own speciality. With a range of products dedicated to rear wheel drive air cooled Volkswagens and Transporters, BBT is one of the biggest companies in the world in the Vintage VW parts business.

With more than 300 suppliers and many more customers from Tokyo to Los Angeles, BBT delivers with their expanded network throughout the world. By visiting customers and suppliers and by attending meetings around the world, the company’s philosophy and passion stays true: to help the Volkswagen fans and/or users to find the desired parts in the quickest way and at the best price.

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Super Sixty

Brian O’Kelly from the Central Coast Chapter of the CA Vintage Volkswagen Club of America has recently posted on http://www.pre67vw.com about an amazing find…. “A friend of mine has recently extracted his grandfathers Bug from a barn in Orange County in Southern California. It has 48,000 original miles and was stored in the barn for 30+ years. It was parked in running condition when the grandfather could no longer drive. I have looked at the car and it appears to be very original. He has been doing a lot of cleaning, lubing and buffing. The motor has been started and runs nicely. I’d like to share this remarkable car with you.” After a lot of work buffing and cleaning. Yes, this is the same car! The front seat could be restitched Original Engine

The rear seat is excellent along with the dash wire cover and trunk liner

No rips or holes in the headliner, just a bit of staining

All four door panels look like this

The kind of dash we like to see in an old bug

Just a few small dings and dents, no bad rust

RCA Radio


A long way from home

Photo of the week #17 – I wonder how many VW campers have made the journey across the atlantic from America to England? It must be quite a few by now and if you trust the license plate, this deluxe bus with safari windows photographed at the British Volkswagen Festival in 2005 started its life on the roads of Texas.

The waiting game…

Recently acquired by Richard Oakley, this very original UK supplied ’57 Oval Karmann Cabriolet is one of the few which have survived and is in remarkable condition.

Richard writes “I’ve always fancied a British-supplied RHD Oval Cabrio. Trouble is, there are only 7 or 8 survivors on their original floorpans. I nearly bought one of them back in 2002 (a ’55 Iris Blue model), but it needed heaps of work. I also contemplated buying the car Martin Fenner owns now, but that needed even more work.

Anyhow, my dream came true when I became the forth owner of this Sepia Silver ’57 model. This car has been off the road since 1977 and only has 55,000 miles on the clock. It was originally supplied by VFM Motors in Crowborough, Sussex (it’s a local car, and I love that!). The first owner kept the car for four years and part-exchanged it at a garage in Hove, Sussex. The new lady owner gave up driving in 1977 and the car was laid up until it sold to it’s third owner in 1985. I’m the next owner.

The outer hood was replaced in 1986 as the original was shot. The car also received a respray at this time. There’s no way the original metallic paint would have lasted all these years in good shape. The engine (original) was fully rebuilt in 1985 and never installed!! It’s very nice. Unfortunately, the front two door cards are missing- they went up in flames in 1986 when removed from the car. The rears are there. I need to try and match the cabrio-material and get some made. All the accessories on it are original to the car (it was ordered with US-spec bumpers). It apparently didn’t have gravel guards. The firewall card should be the smooth one, not ribbed thankfully!”

Photos by Richard Oakley

I am not a number

One of the most frequently asked questions on UK vintage VW forums is “Which style of number plate is correct for my Volkswagen and, where can I get some from?”

Well, I can highly recommend the two companies below as I’ve had dealings with both. They are both very helpfull, reasonably priced and offer a great service.


Framptons, established in 1975, are the UK’s leading supplier of classic and vintage number plates.

They can supply virtually all types of road legal UK plates and also fun plates for export. They can supply hand painted number plates, cast aluminium number plates, pressed aluminium number plates, raised riveted white or silver digit number plates, cast polished aluminium Ace digit number plates, pressed reflective aluminium number plates, raised riveted black digit reflective aluminium number plates etc. etc…

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Tippers Vintage Plates

Established in 1932, Tippers has unrivalled experience in the manufacture of all types of Licence Plates. They are an actual manufacturer, supplying both the Trade and their private customers throughout the world.

Their website shows exapmles of their range, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact them to discuss your requirements, as they can cater for special sizes and have a large collection of templates.

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Horizon Blue ’56 Oval

Back in the late 1990s a gentleman by the name of Avtar decided that he would like to acquire a nice, original oval window beetle and, after scouring the UK unsuccessfully for a nice one, got in touch with Owen Warlow who worked his usual magic and came up with this low-mileage example which was imported to the UK from Sweden.

Having bought the beetle in 1999, it remained untouched in Avtar’s garage in Greenford until this year. With his children now grown up, It was time to get the beetle on the road. It’s been treated to a set of new shocks, steering coupling and a complete mechanical overhaul along with a small amount of welding around the wing mounting nuts and a few other places. Avtar has the original carpets and rubber mats which will be refitted and will be keeping the beetle as original as possible with perhaps just a respray of the wings as they are starting to show their age.

Now that the bugs back on the road, Avtar and his son (now 21) hope to make it along to a few shows next year so hopefully you’ll be able to check out this ’56 survivor for yourselves.