Fast-back in the day

Well I guess this must be photo of the week #10, another digital scan from a photograph taken on good old Kadachrome 25 slide film way back in 1991.

This VW Type 3 Fastback belonged to my good friend Kevin Elliott and had only just been finished following a frantically-fast build, with major help on the bodywork from John Huurdeman, another good friend and fellow VW fanatic. It featured a twin-carb 1776cc engine – transplanted from Kev’s Samba, Porsche Fuchs wheels, VW Corrado -nugget yellow paint, full length roll-back sunroof and a huge base-box housing two 15″ Subs!

The location was the iron-oxide works in Deanshanger, just outside Milton Keynes. Every surface in the area was always covered in a fine red-oxide dust which wasn’t too popular with the local population! I think the factory is long gone now, demolished to make way for new housing.

Kev sold the Fastback soon after this picture was taken to finance some traveling. As far as I know it’s never been seen again at any UK shows and was last taxed in 1992 so, I wonder where it ended up?



  1. 1957Oval


    Good God Malc now I feel really old. I remember Kev’s Fastback from the old MKVW days. Nice photo too 🙂

  2. kevster

    Crikey – a blast from the past! Yes it was a bit of a frantic build after driving it around rat style for too long. Those wings were glass so I chopped the fronts and shoehorned in some early bug headlight bowls and lights. It was indeed nugget yellow after seeing a new corrado and thinking yum. The first paint job was a bit flat after spraying it in Johns carport in the damp – 2nd time round we hired a spray booth and left it in over the weekend. Inside it had a billabong interior, volvo seats and no room for a rear seat – the 500 watt amp would drain the battery in about 2 hours…

    Shame it disappeared after I sold it. Great pics Malc – I had completely forgotten…

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