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Photo of the week #70 – I moved home last week to a small village near Brackley, and my poor old 1955 Oval Window VW Beetle had to spend a few days outside on the drive while we sorted out everything in the garage. With heavy snow-falls over most of last weekend, I think this may have been the worst weather that this old timer has faced since it’s been in this country – certainly since I’ve owned it! But as it originally came from Sweden, it may be a nice reminder of the weather it had to face when it started it’s life. This photograph was taken on my iPhone 5.

Downtown Los Angeles by Heather Lee Brough

mg_6072This fantastic series of photographs was taken by Heather Lee Brough and features Isabel, the 1956 VW Beetle. There’s lots more great Volkswagen photography, amongst other subjects over on  Heather’s blog: heatherleebrough.wordpress.com



Green ’57

Photo of the week #67 – I spent last Saturday in Towcester and spotted this 1957 right hand drive oval-window beetle parked up at the side of the road. Original, Early, Right hand drive, UK-supplied Volkswagens are now few and far between and this early example looked fairly original, apart from being a bit closer to the ground on some polished Empie 5s! This shot was taken on my iPhone 5.

British Standard

IMG_7697_666x999Photo of the week #66 – A rare standard model sunroof oval VW pictured at DubFreeze. These basic, no-frills beetles have little, if any chrome work, cable-brakes, a minimal headlining and the front seats are bolted to the floor and can be adjusted by loosening two wing-nuts below each seat! They also have a three-spoke steering wheel similar to the early standard split window models.