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VWs at Vintage Stony


Last month I made it along to the annual summer classic car gathering in Stony Stratford, about 30 minutes drive from where I now live. It was a very hot day which was perfect for getting everyone out in their classics for the day. As usual, there were just a hand full of Volkswagens but the quality definitely made up for the quantity! I’ve posted some other pictures from the show on my other blog, MHPIX.










Stony Stratford Volkswagens

IMG_0146_1500x1000I popped along to this years Stony Stratford Classic Car Festival last Sunday morning and this time, as it was looking like it would be nice and sunny, I took my ’55 Oval Window Beetle out for a drive. By the time I got there at 10am, the market square, which was home to all of the pre-1975 vehicles, was just about full and I was directed into the car park behind the health centre. Funny how the 3 nice, shiny E-Type Jags which arrived just after me were found prime spaces right at the entrance to the car park!

There was a very good turn out this year with a wide variety of weird and wonderful machines to look at parked around the town. Just the usual handful of VWs though, most from the local VW Club. They must have got their early as they were parked in a line together in the square. I’ll post a few of my favourite non-VW photos from the show over on mhpix.wordpress.com


Two-tone ’72

IMG_6977_666x999Photo of the week #58 – Another shot from the Vintage Stony classic car show taken during the morning of new year’s day. A 1972 Beetle which was one of only two VW beetles that were on display in the town, among a sea of other marques.

New year’s day at Vintage Stony

IMG_7000_999x999After the miserable weather we had in the UK for most of 2012, 2013 started with a bright sunny day! So I headed over to Stony Stratford for the new years day classic car gathering. I went last year and the turn-out was a little disappointing but given the weather was as expected. What a contrast this year. The sunshine brought out the classics in their hundred and by midday the town was completely packed with old cars!

A distinct lack of VWs though! Just a couple of split screen campers, one bay window and two beetles. I will definitely make more of an effort to take my beetle to the next Vintage Stony meeting in the summer.


Stony Stratford Classic Car Festival 2012

On Sunday 3rd June I popped along to the Stony Stratford Classic Car Festival. It was my first visit to this show even though I’ve lived just five minutes drive from the town for the last 10 years. I now live about half an hour away so even though it was raining, I decided it was worth a visit.

I’ve read that the show has grown steadily year on year but I guess Sunday’s show must have been the exception due to the appalling weather. Quite a few cars did brave our British weather and quite a high percentage were from the local VW club – which was very handy!

Hopefully the weather will be a bit better for next years show and it will get back on track.

Vintage Stony 2012

As it was a nice day, and the sun was threatening to make an appearance, I decided to pay a visit the the new-years day classic car show ‘Vintage Stony 2012’.

I’d been thinking of dragging my beetle out of hibernation early for this one but as I was a little late getting up, it remained in the garage.

I think this may be the third year that the new years day show in Stony Stratford has been held, and the first time I’ve made it along. I was surprised how busy it was, both car parks were already full and there were lots of people walking around by eleven o’clock when I got there.

Not too may Volkswagens around though. A few nice split screen vans and some Porsches, also a Tatra which was nice to see out and about. I’ve posted some pictures of the VWs and Porsches plus there are more pictures of other marques on Flickr.