Leigh Garipidis

I was recently pointed towards Leigh’s amazing photography by a couple of ‘photo of the week’ posts on another automotive blog. No mention of who the photographer was though, just some great photographs! I dug a little deeper and discovered they were the work of Leigh Garipidis in Australia. Leigh’s work covers a wide spectrum of subjects all captured beautifully. It’s well worth a look at Leigh’s other work as these Volkswagen shots are just a very small part of a great portfolio.

Leigh writes “I am a photographer based in Melbourne Australia and have been photographing for about 9 years now. Having a passion for cars, I began there. This was always driven by the thought that alot of car magazines, where not capturing the character of the car. They seemed to be just photos. I wanted for people to see my images as portraits of cars, giving them identities, rather than just badges. Self taught for about the first 6 years, in both camera craft and photoshop, I knew that I wanted to do more and make a career out of it, so I went back to school to do an Advanced Diploma in Photography, which I have almost completed. Looking to major in commercial photography, and specialising in automotive.

I try to give my work meaning, whether through a story or an emotional response and to allow the viewer to have their own thoughts about the image rather than trying to portray a specific message.
I also wanted to try to capture what car designers envision when they create these things. Through school I have also delved into various other areas of photography, but when it comes down to enjoyment and relaxation, I always revert back to automotive imagery. I also just recently photographed the front cover and feature piece for the Australian online magazine, Aircooled Classics, the car being a Porsche 550 Spyder replica.”

Leigh is currently putting together a blog with limited edition prints available for purchase but
if you are interested in something, please feel free to email Leigh at this address for further details: leighgaripidis@gmail.com

View more of Leigh’s work on Flickr


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